“Slogans” One Of The 100 Must Watch Movies of all The Time!!

Slogans FilmThe Albanian movie of Gjergj Xhuvani, “Slogans” is considered as one of the must watch films, ranked near to the movies who have been nominated at Oscars, Golden Globe and Romantic comedies of Fellini. It is a Gjergj Xhuvani production based on the novel with the same name, written by Ylljet Alickaj.

The story is based in the situations happened during the dictatorial system. The famous page of information “Just a platform” suggests to its followers to watch the film “Slogans” between 99 other films. The film brings the situations of the 1970 Albania during the system of Enver Hoxha, presenting the history life of a biology teacher who left the capital to teach at a school in some other villages. He has to choose between two slogans that his students have to realize. The teachers and the students are obliged to write the slogans using stones, and writing good slogans for the government. Everyone has to obey to the orders. Andre has a relation with Diana, another teacher and they both disobey to the orders for writing the slogans.

After this, he is transferred and then arrested. This is a film which shows using the symbolic, the Albania of those years, and what the citizens were obliged to do. This film is considered as a good cinematography production. The casting who made this film is Luiza Xhuvani, Artur Goristi, Birce Hasko,Niko Kaxheri, Robert Ndrenika, Agim Qirjaqi, Marko Bitraku, Fadil Kujovska and Rita Lati. “Slogans” has been one of the most valuated productions by the premiers it has had in other different cinemas in the world.

Albania is ranked the second thanks to its name which begins with the letter “A”, in the “Just a Platform” ranking critic classification, besides Afganistan with the film “Osma”, a recent production, based on the Osama Bin Laden assassination.

China is presented by the film “Crouching tiger, hidden dragon”, a winner of 4 Oscars and 2 Golden Globes, the most recommended by the critics. France is presented by “The 400 blows”, by the Antoniene Doinel series, under the interpretation of Jean Pierre Leaud.

Germany is ranked with the movie “Other lives”, based on the Eastern Germany history, during STAS. Greece is presented with the film “Dogtooth”. Italy is ranked with the Federico Fellini movie, a romantic comedy of 1960, “La dolce vita”.

By the Turkish cinematography it is recommended “Distant”, the winner of Cane Festival. The selected films are the best cinematographic productions of the countries represented by “Just a platform”, as a guide to watch international movies.


female-dietsFemales make lots of mistakes during the diet times. In these way they damage their health just for losing some kg in a short time. This is certainly wrong. You will read below ten things you must not do while you are having a diet. The errors which have to be avoid are lots.

Knowing and facing them will help you lose your weight and achieve your objectives. The persons who chose to lose weight without consulting a doctor, usually make lots of mistakes, following the fake myths and damaging their physic. You have to be careful to not change your metabolism, to not limit the digestion, but what is more important, not to lose your necessary feeders. Here is what you have to do during a diet:

Exaggerating the olive oil.

The olive oil is very important, but you must be careful when you use it. You have to remember that this oil has 120 calories and 14 g of fat for one spoon. If you exaggerate with it, you may take some kilograms without noticing it.

Avoiding fruits, they are sugar.

Fruits are very important for the well being and not only for the diet. But in this case, too, it will be good for you not to exaggerate with it, but you don’t have to abandon eating them, because it will be a big mistake. Fruits have vitamins, minerals and fibers which help and regulate the body.

Eating foods without farina.

If you suffer from allergic diseases like intestinal diseases is absolutely unnecessary and wrong to eliminate food with farina. Read More…


cellsSome cells are able to walk. Yes it is true, to walk! According to a study made by a group of scientists, biologists and mathematicians of Californian University in USA, reached this result. In their report published in “Journal of Cell Biology” magazine, they say that thanks to very complex instruments, they arrived in the conclusion that some “cells” can walk using some sample mechanisms, just like the movement of more complex organisms.

This finding has a large importance in the treatment of lots of chronic diseases, starting with the most superficial ones which need time to be cured, to the most serious and dangerous diseases, as diabetes, arthritis, sclerosis etc. it was discovered that the leukocyte, which give the first help at repairing the lesion, are related with each other at the damaged part , creating a “protective wall”.

The body system migrates as soon as it takes the signal that some part of the body is damaged. The leukocyte’s goal is to avoid the foreigners ineffective agents and to start the process of “repairing” and “closing” the lesion – says Juan Lasheras, one of the researchers.

This is a normal process of these cells, but it doesn’t function all the time. Lasheras says that there are some cases when the recruitment of these cells is not correct and this can cause serious and chronic problems for the organism.

For the American researcher, understanding the reason why the cells generate the necessary power to get away from the blood and to concentrate in the damaged organism area, can help us finding new techniques for controlling the leukocytes migration.


ex-boyfriendWhen a relationship ends up, it is normal to feel lonely, to need to go back to your ex, but it is not always the right decision that you must take. There does exist some circumstances which show without doubt that breaking up has been the best decision ever taken and getting back together will be the wrong decision ever taken.

For example, if you break up because there are no more feelings, what does it mean to go back together? What does it mean to start everything again? Or if you don’t trust anymore at him, what kind of history, do you think you will create together? You will find below 10 signals which show that it won’t be good to get back together.

You are afraid staying alone.

If the motive of getting back together is because you cannot stay alone, you must know that this is not a reason!. You have to learn to stay alone with yourself, before staying with others.

You broke up for a good, strong reason.

If you have had a good reason for breaking up, it isn’t good to continue thinking about getting back together. It is a closed cycle.

You have a few days that you ended up your relation.

If you have just a few days you broke up, it is normal that you are feeling alone and nostalgic, but it isn’t appropriate to get back together. Read More…


magnetA new material with an extraordinary magnetic quality was discovered, creating the thesis that will transform the computer’s discs and the devices used for reserving the energy. The metal needs a little changing using the temperature, so in this way it will totally change its magnetism- an extraordinary necessary quality for the electronic engineering. There is no one that could do this until now.

It is an extraordinary effect and we can use it- said Ivan Schuller from the University of California in San Diego. The material is combined with nickel thin layers of vanadium oxide to create a structure that is evolving under high temperature. We can control magnetism in a very narrow temperature range, without applying a magnetic field. And we can also in principle to control it or voltage electricity, “- said Schuller.

“At low temperatures, is oxide insulator. At higher temperatures, it is a metal. And intermediate temperature becomes this weird material ” . Although it is too early to say how this material will be used, Schuller sees great opportunities in computer memory systems. There is a problem with magnetic memory and this is its reversibility – you want it to be reverse but stable, too.

Today, the best systems are assisted with high temperatures, but they use lasers, which need too much warm. But with this new material you need only to change the temperature with 20 grads and you will get 5 times more changes in magnetic resistance. Another potencial is in the electricity networks. Schuller predicts a new type of transformer which is able to bear an unexpected increasing of energy.


good-step-mothersIf you want to remember a negative feminine image, remember the stepmothers. The legends always showed them as a bad example. When you hear “stepmother” immediately your mind gives the memory of Cinderella, “The miserable”, and other films. Too, which are focused to children who live with the second wife of their father: a bad woman who doesn’t treat them good. It is true that the mother is an irreplaceable figure and everybody who will get her role will not find an open ground.

The reason is not only because she is going to take the mother place, but also, this happens because everyone else thinks that the second wife won’t be good with the children. It must be a difficult start for every woman who is in these circumstances. The number of children who have to live with their father’s second wife is becoming larger. The large number of the divorces increased the mixed family number.

In Spain, for example, there are 800000 women married for the second time, and 140000 from these, live with their stepchildren. In France there are 2 million children who live in a family like this. The family reformation brings the adaption problems, which is also not helped by the cultural background. Before saying “stepmother” we have to force ourselves not thinking bad without knowing her.

Maybe we have to think about the challenges they are faced to. They are people who need to be accepted in a shocked family, people who have to bear the children anger, despite the way you treat them. They are also, people who have to share the partner’s heart with the memory of a lost love. It has become a ritual. They come back from school, work or everywhere they have been, stop to her work, kiss her and then go back at home.  Read More…


GalaktikaThat our Galaxy is not alone, this is now known by everyone, but what NASA discovered recently, is that our neighborhood is larger. There are discovered 715 new planets, the largest number of planets, discovered ever. There are detected 1000 planets in our Galaxy, before Wednesday. 4 of them are in the “living area”, which means that there can be possible to live. These planets, which rotate around 305 different stars, were detected by “Kepler”, the space telescope, and are verified using a new technique.

“We opened a new “tunnel”, so we could have access in the principal “cells” of this issue, so we will discover more planets, than are ever discovered- says Jack Lissauer, a space scientific. “Kepler”, the space observatory is putted on space in March 2009, and it was the first mission of NASA, which will discover similar planets with Earth, which, also, are in or near to the “living area”, an area which determines the planets which are in a defined distance away a star, and which have a moderated temperature, where we can put or find water reserves.

The planets are discovered on Tuesday and published on Wednesday are all verified by the 2 years data collected. “Kepler” changed the rules of the game. It helped to really understand the unbelievable diversity of planets and planetary systems in our Galaxy, – says Douglas Hudgins. The new technique is called “verification through diversification” and it is based on the probability logic. The team is focused on stars.

The technique assumes that there are more than one planet for a star. According to NASA, 95% of the discovered planets by “Kepler” are smaller than Neptune, which is 4 times bigger than Earth. One of them has the double measures of Earth and is rotated round a star, which has half of Sun’s sizes, in a 30 days cycle. Three other planets in the “living area” are also, about 2 times larger than the Earth sizes.


Adidas has stopped the selling of World Cup T-shirts which have sexual stereotypes to promote the hospitality of Brazil. One of these T-shirts has stamped a woman on bikini on the beach. There was written “Lookin’ to score” (where score means something else).

Another T-shirt has written “I ♥ Brazil” and the heart was designed as the back of a woman. These T-shirts are considered inappropriate by the Tourism Board of Brazil and that’s why Adidas decided to stop selling these T-shirts in Brazil. Those products were on sale exclusively in USA.

Adidas always takes into consideration the customers and partners opinion and therefore, these products will not be on sale anymore. The Brazil President, Dilma Rousseff, wrote in Twitter that her country would do the impossible to avoid sexual tourism during World Cup. Brazil is happy to welcome tourists from all over the world, but we are, also ready to fight sexual tourism, – said Rousseff.


When we listen saying amusement parks immediately we think about fun, emotions adrenaline not only for kids but for adults, too. Unfortunately, in our country we don’t have the possibilities to enjoy this adrenaline because we don’t have parks here. Lately, groups of persons organize seven days trips in Disney Land, Paris to enjoy what our country doesn’t offer to them. The most visited and famous parks in the world are as follows:


It is the most visited park in the world around 17.5 billion visitors per year. This park is founded in October 1971. Its architecture is based in Disney characters and it looks like Cinderella Castle. It is divided in six particular areas which made 43.3 ha at all.

Magic-KingdommMain Street USA is the entrance where the tourist can enjoy the architecture and can do shopping. They can have a train trip where can see Fantasy Land, Frontier Land, Cinderella Castle, etc.

  • Adventure Land makes you feel like you are in Africa, Asia Jungles.
  • Frontier Land gives you the possibility to know Antic Western America
  • Liberty Square is a revolutionary city of America
  • Fantasy Land has a fabulous style with Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey, etc.
  • Tomorrow Land is an intergalactic city that brings the future concept.


Disneyland-ParissIt is a super resort constructed in Marne- la- Valle, only 32 km from Paris. It is the most visited park in Europe with a surface about 19 km 2, where you can find 2 amusement parks, 13 hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and bars. There 2 parks, Disney Land Park founded in 1992 similar to Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney Studios Park, founded in 2002, which is focused on showbiz and films. You can find a lot of attractions activities.  Read More…


For the first time in history, the Kosovo’s philharmonic will be directed by a female conductor. This and other changes for the concert were published on Saturday in a press conference by the director of this institution, Baki Jashari, one day before the concert. Natalie Marin, the philharmonic conductor was pleased with artistic preparation of the instrumentalists. “I appreciate the fact that the instrumentalists were ready to do everything possible to achieve successful results.

This is symbolic because I know that their life isn’t easy. They have to survive, but despite of this, they are ready to do their job with passion, being totally addicted by it. This is a good sign for the future of this orchestra. – declared Marin. The next invitee, the flutist from Turkey, Sefika Kutluer, said that it is a great emotion to play for Kosovo’s philharmonic, that’s because her family is from Prizren. She said that it is necessary to construct a concert hall in Pristine.

“Playing here gives me a sensational feeling, from my familiar circle. I feel that all my family is going to watch me while I play and that’s makes me feel happy. Kosovo is an important country for me and I showed it when I invited twice the Kosovo’s Philharmonic Orchestra. – says Kutluer.
They will play acts from Gabriel Faure, Jacques Ibert and Ludvig van Beethoven and this will be the first time for Kosovo’s public enjoying it. There will be used, also, for the first time some new instruments, which were Japanese Government donations. The concert will be at 20:00 on Sunday, at the Red Hall in Pristine.