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History of RTK LIVE! European Union of Broadcasting has got an invitation from UMNIK/OSBE to organize the great opening of a new television in Kosovo, inspired by OSBE memorandum. The first broadcasting of RTK began in September 1999 for only 2 hours per day and only in October OSBE

Kosova Sot Lajmet – Making A Road Trip Through The Balkans

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Sara AbbasiBudba of Montenegro is enthusiastic about exploring the Balkan Peninsula because it can be done on a low budget. The James Bond movie “Casino Royale” was filmed in Petrovac which is a sunny, beachside area in Montenegro. Petrovac is located within an area known as Budva and is

75% Of Albanian Children Still Suffer Violation!

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English Version Of 75% Of Albanian Children Still Suffer Violation! There are almost 75% of Albanian children who have been once violated in their family. Those are the results of a survey made to the children between 2 and 14 years old. There are asked also the familiars about their

Why Do Smart Devices Do Not Make Us more Intelligent?

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We live in some times where almost everyone owns an intelligent device which can connect us with every kind of society aspect, food, work, clothes, art, literacy, science, fun, religion, friends, travelling and everything else. Lots of information, personalized experiences, relationships which weren’t even thought before. Despite of this,

Archaeologists Find Ancient Roman Church in Kosovo

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Turkish archeologists uncovered a Romanera church going back to the fourth century A.D. in Gracanica, situated close Prishtina, Kosovo. In 2012, under the supervision of Associate Professor Haluk Çetinkaya of Mimar Sinan University’s Department of Archeology, the group initiated the unearthings in Ulpiana, one of the district’s biggest and

Liquor and Energy Drinks A Dangerous Combo, Study Says

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Scientists have distributed a study that shows undergrads consolidating jazzed beverages with moonshine don’t understand how inebriated they truly are. In a study distributed in the Journal of Adolescent Health, scientists at the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan have inferred that blending liquor and caffeinated

Erjon Veliaj presents program for Woman.

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Veliaj presents program for ladies! The hopeful of the dominant part for the Tirane Municipality, Erion Veliaj, introduced this Friday at the Palace of Sports “Asllan Rusi”, his project for young ladies and ladies. Erjon Veliaj said that his system notice ladies in every passage. “We are running for

7 Albanian NGOs structure Election Observation Chamber

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7 Albanian NGOs structure Election Observation Chamber Surprisingly, the decisions in our nation will be watched and assessed by a union of seven residential non-government associations, which will now talk with one single voice, by organizing their data and skill in regards to the June 21st races. Albeit totally

“Slogans” One Of The 100 Must Watch Movies of all The Time!!

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The Albanian movie of Gjergj Xhuvani, “Slogans” is considered as one of the must watch films, ranked near to the movies who have been nominated at Oscars, Golden Globe and Romantic comedies of Fellini. It is a Gjergj Xhuvani production based on the novel with the same name, written


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Females make lots of mistakes during the diet times. In these way they damage their health just for losing some kg in a short time. This is certainly wrong. You will read below ten things you must not do while you are having a diet. The errors which have


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Some cells are able to walk. Yes it is true, to walk! According to a study made by a group of scientists, biologists and mathematicians of Californian University in USA, reached this result. In their report published in “Journal of Cell Biology” magazine, they say that thanks to very