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Rtk LiveHistory of RTK LIVE!

European Union of Broadcasting has got an invitation from UMNIK/OSBE to organize the great opening of a new television in Kosovo, inspired by OSBE memorandum. The first broadcasting of RTK began in September 1999 for only 2 hours per day and only in October OSBE realized the live broadcasting of public station “Prishtina Radio” on RTK. In 2000, the OKB station, known as “Blue Sky Radio” will cooperate with RTK. Blue Sky continue to be a known multiethnic station which is most dedicated to Albanian youth. RTK begin to broadcast 4 hours per day live, expanding in this way the daily programs.

To complete the Kosovo Serbian it began to broadcast in Serbian language. Later it began to transmit in Turkish. During June 2001, RTK will be formally created from UMNIK with a nonpolitical board, as a transmitter of public needs. To increase its audience it began to act and to inform live Albanians in all over the world. During July of the same year, its daily broadcasting increased in 7 hours of transmission. Two months later was founded the directors board and the director was selected Adem Demaci , and executive director Agim Zatriqi.

RTK was financed partly by Kosovo budget in 2003. In 2002 the daily program reached 15 hours of transmission per day, where 65% are familiar programs. In January 2003 it created in Tirana its office expanding in this way the programming . “Weekly Magazine” will be another launched program and then, one month later was founded its official page. After the Kosovo war, RTK began the transmitting of the first serial “Modern Family”. It awarded also, as the best speaker of the year, Drita Germizaj and as the best cameraman, Rudolf Sopi.

One year later it signed an agreement with EBU. In march 2003 it began the transmitting of educational programs. Kosovo Radio Television will become the best television and the most viewed in Kosovo, according to the surveys. Mihael Shajner, who has assigned the administrative order of UMNIK for advance payment implementation of RTK, assigned PSSP. In the same month it was completed with “Big Band”, another important change. In June 15, it created the relation with Tetovo. It has faced difficult challenges becoming the most viewed channel television in Kosovo. 2004 will be the most difficult year for keeping safe the prestige and the credibility ahead the Kosovo public.

Even though the challenges were big and hard, everything went well. For this television the importance of professionalism is principal. The most successful transmission was the one of free elections. Despite of financial difficulties, the 2004 election were transmitted with professionalism. With regard to the fulfillment of the public obligations which are useful for ethnic community of the country. RTK took a concrete step in this aspect transmitting two ethnic programs “Ulica Sezam” and “Balkan’s children Magazine”.

In 2005 began the regular broadcasting of deaf- mute persons. In 2004 it assigned an agreement with EBU-RTK, producing in this way, qualitative programs, which offered technique and legal supporting and also professional team trainings. In a few words, what this television did in all these years made it a competitive channel in all the region having a large number of viewers.

RTK has a qualitative level of making television. It shows respect for all of the ethnics groups, has a professional team and will always make the maximum bringing the news near to the public.

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